October 29, 2014

Blog Memes: The Loft

Here is a super cool blog meme I’ve been following for awhile. It’s called “The Loft” and you can find it over on Rebekah’s blog called, “Journeying Outside My Box.”

The Loft is A Weekly Hangout for Christian Bloggers and the graphic was made by Kerry Messer, another blogger you can find over on “Plenty Place.”

Each week there is a topic and all you do is participate in the discussion linking back appropriately to the original topic. The instructions are listed after each topic is posted so it’s fairly easy to figure out and follow along.

The neat thing about The Loft is there is no pressure to participate every week. You just write when you’re feeling connected to the topic they’ve shared. Not only that, but they give you a hint as to what next week’s topic might be too.

Rebekah’s Journeying Outside My Box is also listed as part of our directory here on Blog Mommas. You can find her over on Moms A-L.

If you’re blog is part of this directory and you have a Blog Meme you’d like featured like this one let me know and I’ll write something up ASAP!

See you over on The Loft!

P.S. When you participate in this blog meme and link correctly, the link back to your blog is listed in 4 places! That’s HUGE in blog-land. So, you’re traffic has the opportunity to increase 4x depending on who’s reading and where they’re reading from.

Stay tuned – I’ll be posting Blogging Tips and Tricks and tell you a little bit about why I began blogging and why I have 4 blogs.

October 15, 2014

Ello – Have you tried it yet?

My husband sent me an Ello invitation a couple of weeks ago.

I am curious when it comes to social networking and willing to try just about anything to take a break from Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Right now Ello is by invitation only.

Would you like an invitation to try Ello?

I have 3 Ello invites left.

Graphic by Ello.co