March 6, 2017

Featured Blogs

I’m still featuring blogs on Blog Mommas! If you look at the sidebar there is a section called “Featured Blogs” and that’s where I’m putting all of your blog links. Each month I select a blog to add to the list. At the end of the year we start over with a fresh new featured blog list. I just think it’s fun to feature blogs and I sure hope this brings you guys brand new traffic to your blogs. I don’t know if you realize this yet but Blog Mommas has been around for awhile and the traffic is pretty good. If there is anything you’d like to see implemented on Blog Mommas I would love to hear all about it. I’m open to fresh new ideas that will keep everyone reading and spark a fire in the blogosphere. Let me know if you’re still reading by leaving a comment. I sure hope 2017 is treating you well.

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