September 29, 2016

I'll be featuring a blog soon

Keep your eyes peeled for the new blog I’m adding to “Featured Blogs” in the sidebar. Right now I’ve got 9 blogs featured. I will be adding a new blog this Saturday!

I hope featuring your blogs on the home page of Blog Mommas will help you with new traffic. Who doesn’t love interacting with new readers? I know I do!

I hope you will consider telling all your blog buddies about Blog Mommas. I would like to get back to Blog of the Week, Month, Quarter, and Year.

Right now our directory is at the point where everyone has been featured. Some of you have been featured once, twice, and three times over! That's a log of Blog Featuring.

Please let me know if your blog hasn’t been featured. Also, if you’re linking to Blog Mommas and you’re not listed in the directory please let me know so I can add you.

September 17, 2016

I’ve decided to Feature Blogs

Featuring Blogs is going to be easy for me and fun for you!

What I’m going to do is dig through the Blog Directory to see who is still active.

If I can easily find a link back to Blog Mommas then you’re in!

I will select a blog to be featured each month.

When your blog is selected I’ll put a link up on the home page!

How cool is that!?