August 19, 2016

Someone restricted me from following them on Google+

I was going through my Google+ account, adding some links, sprucing up my profile, and digging through all my circles.

Low and behold I discovered some strange guy following me and then right next to his name it stated so-and-so has restricted you from following them.

What!? Come again…??

Think about that for a second, some strange person, who I don’t know, has added me to his circles, but he doesn’t want me to add him to my circles?

Not that I would add him to my circles in the first place, but come on, is this strange troll-like spamster for real?

That’s just creepy.

I didn’t waste too much of my valuable time dwelling on this scenario.

I quickly blocked him and moved on.

I had no clue you could restrict someone from following you.

I guess it pays to dig through my circles. I learn something new every single time I do.

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