August 19, 2016

Someone restricted me from following them on Google+

I was going through my Google+ account, adding some links, sprucing up my profile, and digging through all my circles.

Low and behold I discovered some strange guy following me and then right next to his name it stated so-and-so has restricted you from following them.

What!? Come again…??

Think about that for a second, some strange person, who I don’t know, has added me to his circles, but he doesn’t want me to add him to my circles?

Not that I would add him to my circles in the first place, but come on, is this strange troll-like spamster for real?

That’s just creepy.

I didn’t waste too much of my valuable time dwelling on this scenario.

I quickly blocked him and moved on.

I had no clue you could restrict someone from following you.

I guess it pays to dig through my circles. I learn something new every single time I do.

August 8, 2016

Are your facebook pictures blurry?

Check your settings!

Facebook is always adding new items and changing up their user guidelines and rules.

If you’re on your smart phone or smart device go to:

App Settings > Upload HD Photos > Turn it on

That’s it! Problem solved!

Let me know if there’s another setting I may have missed.

August 2, 2016

Overtype Mode In Word

Do you ever find yourself typing along on your computer or laptop and all of a sudden you make a mistake, only to find yourself typing over everything you just put together on the screen?

This happens to me a lot and I never knew how to fix the problem, until today.

Here’s how to solve the problem:

Select Tools > Options > Edit > Uncheck the box where it says Overtype mode

That’s it! Problem solved!

You’re welcome!