December 3, 2016

Where is your link back to Blog Mommas?

A lifestyle blogger who writes about Christian Living and Family recently contacted me to say she was interested in adding her blog to the Blog Mommas directory. I was pretty excited initially because I didn’t think anyone was reading this blog. When I hopped over to check out her blog my heart sank. She wasn’t linking to Blog Mommas at all. How’s a blog directory supposed to work if nobody will link back? If you want to have your blog listed I would LOVE to do that, but you have to link back. When you link back not only are you showing your support for Blog Mommas, but you are supporting all the other blogs participating, too.

December 1, 2016

How’s that for linky love?

It’s the first day of the month and time to pick another blog to add to our featured blog list over on the sidebar. We’ll start from scratch in January and build our list back up! Meanwhile, please invite all your friends who blog to park at Blog Mommas! I would love to be able to introduce some new blogs. If you’re blowing the dust off your blog and want to have at it again, holler at me! I’d love to re-add your blog to Blog Mommas! Welcome new blogs, too!

October 19, 2016

Facebook says I’m following more people than I can actually see – why is that?

On my personal facebook page I am following 4 people.

Facebook says I’m following 5 people.

I don’t see 5 people. I only see 4 people.

Who is the 5th person? I can’t see them. Why is that?

How to deal with pesky Twitter spam

All you have to do is block the Twitter culprit.

You can block people who add you to lists for the purpose of advertising, too.

Yep, just block them.

There’s a section within your Twitter settings called “Blocked accounts” – you can access that and unblock the spammer if you don’t want to have a lot of blocked accounts.

When you block someone it will automatically keep them from following you and it will remove you from all of their lists.

When you unblock it’s as if it never happened in the first place.

Try it out and let me know if it works for you.

September 29, 2016

I'll be featuring a blog soon

Keep your eyes peeled for the new blog I’m adding to “Featured Blogs” in the sidebar. Right now I’ve got 9 blogs featured. I will be adding a new blog this Saturday!

I hope featuring your blogs on the home page of Blog Mommas will help you with new traffic. Who doesn’t love interacting with new readers? I know I do!

I hope you will consider telling all your blog buddies about Blog Mommas. I would like to get back to Blog of the Week, Month, Quarter, and Year.

Right now our directory is at the point where everyone has been featured. Some of you have been featured once, twice, and three times over! That's a log of Blog Featuring.

Please let me know if your blog hasn’t been featured. Also, if you’re linking to Blog Mommas and you’re not listed in the directory please let me know so I can add you.

September 17, 2016

I’ve decided to Feature Blogs

Featuring Blogs is going to be easy for me and fun for you!

What I’m going to do is dig through the Blog Directory to see who is still active.

If I can easily find a link back to Blog Mommas then you’re in!

I will select a blog to be featured each month.

When your blog is selected I’ll put a link up on the home page!

How cool is that!?

August 19, 2016

Someone restricted me from following them on Google+

I was going through my Google+ account, adding some links, sprucing up my profile, and digging through all my circles.

Low and behold I discovered some strange guy following me and then right next to his name it stated so-and-so has restricted you from following them.

What!? Come again…??

Think about that for a second, some strange person, who I don’t know, has added me to his circles, but he doesn’t want me to add him to my circles?

Not that I would add him to my circles in the first place, but come on, is this strange troll-like spamster for real?

That’s just creepy.

I didn’t waste too much of my valuable time dwelling on this scenario.

I quickly blocked him and moved on.

I had no clue you could restrict someone from following you.

I guess it pays to dig through my circles. I learn something new every single time I do.

August 8, 2016

Are your facebook pictures blurry?

Check your settings!

Facebook is always adding new items and changing up their user guidelines and rules.

If you’re on your smart phone or smart device go to:

App Settings > Upload HD Photos > Turn it on

That’s it! Problem solved!

Let me know if there’s another setting I may have missed.

August 2, 2016

Overtype Mode In Word

Do you ever find yourself typing along on your computer or laptop and all of a sudden you make a mistake, only to find yourself typing over everything you just put together on the screen?

This happens to me a lot and I never knew how to fix the problem, until today.

Here’s how to solve the problem:

Select Tools > Options > Edit > Uncheck the box where it says Overtype mode

That’s it! Problem solved!

You’re welcome!

July 23, 2016


One of the things I’ve been interested in lately is decluttering and simplifying my life more. I’ve decided to just take a closer look at my day and see if there is anything I can do to promote efficiency.

With that said, I’ve decided to go ahead and remove the Blog Mommas Facebook and Blog Mommas Google+ pages. I’m also taking down the Blog Mommas Twitter List on my Twitter page. I think that’s going to be a better fit for me personally. Less stressful, too.

I’d like to get back to writing more, networking with other writers, and hopefully I can be more hands on in responding to many of the posts I read throughout the year from your blogs. It’s the interacting and networking with one another that floats my boat, and who doesn't love reading comments?

What have you been up to this summer? What do you think of my decision? I’d love to hear from you guys.

May 9, 2016

I'm excited to read this book!

I’ve been a fan of Dr. Cloud since I picked up his book about Boundaries. When I found out about an opportunity to help launch his latest bestseller I couldn’t sign up fast enough! I received my copy of the book towards the end of April and am already into the first half.

Dr. Cloud’s NEW book is called: The Power of the Other, The Startling Effect Other People Have on You, from the Boardroom to the Bedroom and Beyond – and What to Do About It by Dr. Henry Cloud.

I’ve always been a self-improvement fan. If there is solid advice out there from a reputable source, I’m usually the first to jump on it. I don’t know about you, but I know that other people have a BIG effect on me, and I can’t wait to see what Dr. Cloud has to say about it.

If you’re interested in reading this book but don’t want to buy it until you’ve had a test drive, you can find Dr. Henry Cloud on Facebook and read his first two chapters for FREE! He posted a link on April 29th giving his followers an opportunity to read the first two chapters. What are you waiting for? Have at it!

Stay tuned here though because I plan to blog about any quotes that I’ve read along the way, how they have impacted me, and what I plan to do with Dr. Cloud’s advice. Or maybe stumbling on parts of the book will have me thinking about things differently? I’ll be writing about those instances over the summer so please stay tuned for those upcoming blog posts.

If you decide to go ahead and pick up the book I hope you will chime in and let me know what you think of it. I’d love to dish about it with you, AND I LOVE to get blog comments, so please leave me a comment or two!!

May 1, 2016

Blog of the Month: Euchre Fun

Check out our new blog of the month!

Euchre Fun

One of these days I will investigate and find out just how fun it is to play Euchre. Are there any other Euchre players out there? What is it that you love about this game!? I'd LOVE to hear from you!

April 23, 2016

How to be selected for Blog of the Month

Hey guys, I’m planning to bring back Blog of the Month. Eventually when more bloggers request to list their blogs on Blog Mommas, and we get back into a routine around here, I will bring back Blog of the Week too.

There are a couple of things you can do in order to be selected for Blog of the Month. Here are a few tips in no particular order:

  • Make sure you are linking to Blog Mommas

The first thing I’ll check is whether or not you’re linking to Blog Mommas. Check your sidebar and make sure people can see your buttons and links. If folks have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page or can’t find any other pages where your links can be found, it makes things hard.

  • Make sure your blog was added to the directory

Please let me know you’re interested in being a part of Blog Mommas. In my sidebar on the right hand side there is a way for you to e-mail me and let me know. It’s very easy to send me a quick message letting me know you want to be part of Blog Mommas and that you’ve linked to Blog Mommas. Some of you may have more than one blog and that’s fine, I’d be happy to list all of your blogs. Once listed, I will introduce your blog to my readers and you’ll automatically qualify to be selected as Blog of the Month.

  • Invite your blog friends to join in on the fun

Tell your blog friends about Blog Mommas. There are perks to being a part of Blog Mommas and you will discover lots of new blogs to read. Some of my closest friends were made through just networking, reading other blogs, and leaving comments. Eventually we all get to know each other and a sense of community is developed, and new friendships made – for life!

Okay, I’m going to go check my e-mail and see if anyone has written me yet!

I can’t wait to list your blog and start featuring blogs again!!

April 20, 2016

Cancelled My Google Adsense Account

I just cancelled my Google Adsense Account today! I know – pretty shocking. This is one of the most FREEING things I have done in quite a long time! It’s almost the equivalent of cutting twelve inches of my hair off so I can experience a new hairdo!!! Seriously, I am so HAPPY I cut ties with them and I am NOT looking back.

April 5, 2016

My Blog Comments Aren't Coming Through

Hello and Happy Spring!

I'm coming to you from my mobile device. It's pretty convenient doing it this way.

I've been reading your blogs, Blog Mommas. For some strange reason I don't think my comments are getting through and I'm not sure why?

I do all my blog reading from my feedly application. I've tried commenting through feedly. I've tried commenting through your main blog pages, and it doesn't seem to be working.

I can't see my comments.

I think I'm doing it wrong.

Maybe commenting from my laptop instead of commenting from my device would work better? I don't know.

I hope I can stick to my device because there are days I don't have time to log into my laptop.

How are you guys doing with leaving comments on blogs? Have you run into technical difficulties? Any idea what the problem might be?

March 26, 2016

Happy Easter to All the Wonderful Bloggers!!

Do me a favor and check your blogs. Make sure you're linking to Blog Mommas with a text link or a button - either way will work! If you're linking and you don't see your blog listed let me know ASAP! I will get you listed ASAP! If you'd like to add your blog for the first time to Blog Mommas you can do that too!! All you have to do is link to Blog Mommas and then let me know you did. If you'd like to do a link exchange on my other blogs, send me an e-mail! We can most certainly make that happen!! Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend and HAPPY EASTER to ya!!

March 19, 2016

YouTube Music Videos Have Changed

I like to post YouTube music videos on my personal blog as well as my faith blog. I guess I got a little carried away today and updated all the YouTube music videos that had been hidden or removed from YouTube because of privacy issues or because they were just old. Some of the videos had turned into VEVO music videos or EMIMUSIC videos. Some of the music videos I had saved disappeared etirely. I’m not too sure how YouTube is working these days but I did go back through all the outdated posts and made corrections so people could enjoy the music once again.

March 17, 2016

Facebook E-mail Phishing Scams

Yesterday I received an e-mail that stated the following:

“Somebody recently asked to reset your Facebook password”

The next line read:

“Click here to change your password”

Further down the page was the following:

“Didn’t request this change? If you didn’t request a new password, let us know immediately”

Then there was a button you could click to change your password or to let them know immediately that you didn’t make a request to change your facebook password.

Uh, RED FLAG people!!!

When you get e-mails like this from familiar applications that you use pretty frequently STOP and THINK before you click anything in that e-mail.

Go back over your security settings on the applications that you use because 9 times out of 10 these companies will never ask you to make a correction through your e-mail account.

I did go back and check my facebook security settings. Once I looked everything over I flagged the e-mail as "Spam" as well as “Phishing” so that my e-mail client’s security team could investigate the matter further.

Remember, just because something sounds real or comes to your e-mail inbox doesn’t mean it’s legit.

March 15, 2016

Not Before Coffee on Fox & Friends

Seriously, you read that right!

Gayla has a blog called ‘Not Before Coffee’ and it happens to be listed right here on Blog Mommas!!

I can’t tell you how excited I am that she was on Fox & Friends this morning dishing about politics. This is too cool for school, people!

Leave her a comment, will ya!?? :):)

Congratulations Gayla on putting yourself out there! Love, love, love all the blogging you do, too.

March 10, 2016

Turning Back Time with Cher :)

This has been making the rounds on social networking. I laughed when I first saw it and couldn’t help but to post it here for all my blog buddies. Isn't this supposed to be SPRING FORWARD for spring, and FALL BACK for the fall?

March 2, 2016

Twitter is full of Surprises!

This morning when I logged into my Twitter account I was greeted with Birthday Balloons! How cool is that!? What a nice surprise! I LOVE it!

February 25, 2016

Connecting Blogs to Google+

Has anyone out there in the wonderful world of blogs connected a blog to Google+ ?

If you’ve connected your blog to Google+ do you like it?

Is the action of connecting your blog to Google+ reversible if you decide you don’t like it?

Have you connected your Google profile to Google+ ?

I could use some feedback on this one.

I would love to hear from you!

February 22, 2016

Feedburner Cracks Me Up

Feedburner is a pretty nifty tool to use on your blog. I love knowing how many people are following my blogs. I’ve thought a lot about quitting Feedburner but can’t help to stick around with this one because I’m hoping someone out there in Feedburner-land will figure out how to update and make the service work.

Last week Feedburner said Blog Mommas has 15 followers and today it says we have 100+ followers! If that’s true, I think that’s pretty cool!

Thanks for following Blog Mommas!

February 20, 2016

Deleting My Affiliate Accounts

I’m thinking of deleting many of my affiliate accounts. A clean start seems to be where it’s at these days. It’s kind of like decluttering your home so when you walk in everything seems clean, fresh, and new!? Well, there are many days I’d like to turn on my computer and feel the same way. I’m craving technical simplicity!

Before I start the removal process I need to sit and think about the pros and the cons. I ask myself, can I get along without this company? Will my life end if I say goodbye and start a new chapter? Does my life revolve around these entities? Can I survive without them? Is it a two-way relationship of mutual respect and consideration or do I have this flat taste in my mouth every time I take a bite?

Google Adsense – I’m seriously thinking of saying goodbye to these folks. It seems their level of customer service depends on how much money you can make for them. Apparently, I am not their bread and butter; therefore, I don’t qualify for real life human interaction, only e-mails.

Amazon Associates – These kind people deleted my associate account because I didn’t respond to their notifications in a timely manner. Well, you know what – I’ve been busy with my kids, grandson, and foster child. Sometimes my human interactions have to trump the cyber world. And when you go and delete an account that’s been active for years because I didn’t check the box fast enough for you, I have to give it some serious thought if it’s even worth it to stick it out with you guys.

Commission Junction – What commission? I can’t even update my account without having to look at old links I don’t even use any more. I’m a little OCD when it comes to cleaning stuff up; so, I’m debating if it’s even worth sticking around to see if they will change their ways.

Linkshare – Link What? Share What? See Commission Junction

I guess I’m just really tired of updating, sprucing up, and targeting much of my content around advertisements. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to make money doing what you love, but I need a serious vacation from it so I can get back to some grassroots networking. Making an extra buck or two is nice but I am seriously burned out. I think that’s part of the reason why I don’t blog as much as I used to.

Do you guys ever feel like you just want to scrap it all and start over? Will I regret cutting some of these affiliate ties? I’d LOVE to hear from you!

February 18, 2016

Got any good writing prompts?

There are many days that go by where I just don’t know what to write about any more. So many things factor into why I don’t blog as much as I used to. But, like anything in life if I’m going to throw my hat into the ring again I have to practice.

Also, do you write about whatever you want to or whatever pops into your head? Do you stick religiously to the theme of your blog? Or do you sometimes wander off the path? Do you go by how your feeling or do you stick to a plan no matter how you feel?

How do you guys work your blogs? Got any good writing prompts?