December 30, 2014

More Blogs In 2015

Hope to see more of y’all in 2015!

I enjoy adding blogs to the directory. Introducing new blogs, featuring a blog of the week, blog of the month, blog of the quarter – It’s just fun!

I also enjoy reading along in my news reader and chiming in on topics that peak all of our interests. Dialoging with other Bloggers on the web – It’s what makes my day!

I’ll be digging through the directory this week to see what’s happening over on your neck of the woods. You can find me on Blog Mommas (Of course!), Domestic Divapalooza, I Am Pooped, and Stretching My Faith.

My hope for 2015 is to grow the directory, increase the networking, and meet some new Bloggers.

If you’d like to list your blog and join in on all this blog networking fun – HOLLA!

Happy New Year!!

Photo Credit: Pinterest


  1. I almost didn't see this comment! Happy New Year to you too!! xo


Thanks for the comment