January 7, 2014

10 On Tues: Happy New Year!

1. Happy New Year, Blog Mommas! And everyone else who Blogs, too!! Hope you are off to a great start. I thought it would be fun to introduce a new Tuesday Blog Meme in case you were looking for something to write about or participate in on Tuesdays. You know, I have no idea where this particular Blog Meme originates from; I just know it’s one I keep coming back to. All you do is list 10 things on your blog that has been on your mind. It’s a great way to catch people up when you don’t feel like writing a ton. Sometimes I will post ten pictures depending on my mood. Maybe Ten on Tuesdays is something you will enjoy setting up on your blog. What are some other fun Blog Memes you know of?

2. We are off to a great start around here. We’ve announced Blog of the Month. Be sure and stop by Linda’s Lunacy to congratulate her or just to say HI!

3. As a blogger in 2014 I hope to be more of an encouragement to all of you in support of your writing. I know I don’t always have time to leave a comment on everyone’s blogs but maybe this year I can figure out a way to do more of that. I know leaving comments is a great way to encourage, motivate, and just let other bloggers know what they are blogging about matters. Maybe we can talk more about what grows a readership. What do you think it is? Is there something that turns you off about blogging that keeps you from commenting? What are some positive things you look for in a blog? How about networking? Do you enjoy networking with other bloggers? I know I DO!

4. I have 4 blogs for 4 different things. I've thought about combining them all but then for me it would just be a big blur. There are some things I prefer to keep separate. I've been pretty consistent with these 4 blogs for awhile now. Here they are along with a snippet as to what you can look for on these blogs: a.) Blog Mommas, You already know about this one. It's a blog directory!! b.) Domestic Divapalooza, This is my blog about politics and hot topics of the day. c.) I Am Pooped, This one is a little bit about my family life. Sometimes I will blog certain things based on my mood or certain revelations. I've been through a lot in my life and when I touch on some of those things this is where I put it. d.) Stretching My Faith, That's my faith blog. I've been reading through the bible for awhile now and when something moves me or I have a question this is where I put those ideas. Well, those are my 4 blogs. How about you?? Do you have something similar going on? If you have a blog that kind of fits with one of mine and you are interested in networking with me further I'd love to connect by listing each other's blogs. Who knows? We might meet even more bloggers this way. You never know!?

5. Are you still with me? I know I have written A LOT already. Okay, if you’re still with me here are ten fun facts you probably didn’t know about me before today: I love the Little Debbie Mini Powdered Donuts, I’m a happily married stay-at-home Mom of three girls, the ages of my children range from 22 to 10 to 8 years old, My husband and I recently became licensed foster care parents, I am a Bible-believing Christian, I am half-Greek, My goal this year is to lose 40 pounds, I still haven’t put away all our Christmas decorations, I am blogging from Nebraska the Good Life, I love and married my best friend. And there you have it, ten quick fun facts about yours truly!!

6. Social Networking is a big part of my life. Sometimes I think it’s TOO big but then I just reel myself in and put my devices down. Like today, I really need to put Christmas away and get some things done around here but I am determined to write this blog post! What is it about social networking that keeps us all connected? I know I LOVE social networking. I LOVE it so much I gave it up for lent last year and I’m not even Catholic! LOL Sometimes I learn what is going on in the world faster than the news media or the newspaper can dish it out. Here are some of my favorite social networking tools: Blogs (Of course!), Feedly (How I read my blogs), Forums, Facebook, Google+, My Fitness Pal, Pinterest, and Twitter. What are some of your favorite social networking tools?

7. Have you 'liked' Blog Mommas on Facebook yet? Please head on over there right now and give it a whirl! Seriously, I want to thank you for liking Blog Mommas on Facebook. We’ve been growing pretty steadily now and I think it might be reaching more bloggers for all of us to get to know. I’m hoping to get more people talking about their blogs and more ways we can network with one another. I think the key is going to be getting more bloggers to connect with one another. I think it’s a great way to support the effort, don’t you?

8. It’s a brand new day. It’s a brand new year!! What are some New Year Resolutions you’ve come up with for 2014? I know that in the past I have come up with things like lowering my expectations, prioritizing, reading more of my bible—you get the idea. This year I am determined to lose 40 lbs. I am determined to fit into my skinny jeans again but I don’t want to be too skinny. I just want to lose the weight and feel healthier, more energized. I want to improve my overall health and lower my BMI. So far I have been working out pretty well. I’m also listening to my body and taking a break when I’m feeling sore. Like yesterday, I didn’t exercise. I had done a workout the day before that consisted of a lot of squats and my legs are pretty SORE. But, I am determined to lose this weight once and for all. I don’t know what is different about this year. I think it’s because I’m in a better place and I understand more of what God’s will is for my life. If you’re trying to lose weight too, I would love to connect with you on that one. So far I am tracking my exercise on My Fitness Pal. I haven’t been tracking my food because for me it gets to be a bit tedious. So for now, I’m just tracking my exercise. Even though I don’t track my food on paper I am lowering my portions slowly but surely. I am in NO way doing any special diets. I’m just trying to eat cleaner as well as consume enough calories to fuel my workouts.

9. Skinny jeans here I come!!! :)

10. Happy New Year to everyone on Blog Mommas!! May all your dreams and wishes come true. XXOO

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