September 4, 2013

No Link, No Love, No Blog Feature!

Blog Mommas is a blog directory. In order for the blog directory to work you have to link back. If you don’t want to link back to Blog Mommas then don’t ask to be in the directory.

Check your links—the best place to list Blog Mommas is in your blogroll or somewhere in the sidebar. You know it’s really a pain in the ass to have to scroll and scroll and scroll and dig dig dig through someone’s blog unable to find the link. What is up with that? I don’t understand why you can’t put the link in an easy to find place accessible to everyone?

I’m not trying to tell you what to do with your blog but COME ON—this is a community. How are people supposed to find this blog directory if they can’t find the link on your blog? How is that fair to everyone who is pretty excited to be a part of this diverse and interesting group? When was the last time you actually looked at your blog? The least you could do is put the link in a place where people can find us—right?

I understand if you blog when you’re feeling it. That’s what I do! If I’m feeling it—I write something. If I’m not feeling it—I don’t write. That’s just how I roll. It’s fine—I get it. BUT, why on earth would you want to be a part of a community if you’re unwilling to do your part? It’s not like I’m asking you to chop off your finger. All I’m asking is for a little link back to Blog Mommas—Easy Freaking Peasy!

There are so many of you who do get it and I appreciate it so much. Everyone else who is part of this community appreciates it, too! It’s how we find each other.

Here’s the deal—I’m digging through the directory. I’m looking for a link back. If I can’t find a link or a button and it’s not all that obvious to see then I have no choice but to take your blog off the directory.

You don’t want to link to Blog Mommas then don’t ask to be part of our community. At the very least have the decency to drop me a note letting me know you’re not feeling it and to take your blog down. I don’t mind.

If you’ve changed your layout or something legit like that has happened to cause your link to Blog Mommas to disappear then let me know and we’ll get your blog added again. It’s really not a problem. I know these things happen. It’s happened to me, too. I get it.

Week after week we feature Blog of the Week, Blog of the Month, and Blog of the Quarter. I am sending the public right back to your creations. At least have the decency to link to what you asked to be a part of in the first place. That’s how this community rolls. No link, No Love, No Blog Feature!


  1. I like this post because I love blog directories. It IS a community and linking back is so important!

  2. Thank you for your support and encouragement, Becki. I love blog directories, too. I think I’m going to start looking for some fun, easy going, grassroots blog directories out there for Blog Mommas to be part of.


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