May 17, 2013

The Blogs Rule Option


Let’s face it – not everyone who has a blog is a parent.

If you’re a blogger who is not a parent and you would like to be part of this blog directory you are welcome to use the Blogs Rule option!

We now have a category at the top of the page: Blogs Rule.

If you’re a visual person and you want to link to Blog Mommas using a Blogs Rule button I say – GO FOR IT!

Remember, you don’t have to include a button in your sidebar if you don’t want to. But, to be listed in the directory you must share the Blog Love by linking to Blog Mommas from your Blogroll.

You can say “Blogs Rules” and then link to Blog Mommas OR you can say “Blog Mommas” and link to Blog Mommas.

Once you are linking to – Let me know that you are! Then I will network the heck out of your blog and more people will discover you!!

Cuz that’s how I roll! :)

Don't forget we have Businesses, Dads, and Politics in addition to all the cool categories we have listed in the sidebar.

Here's where you find more bling for your blog!!

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