April 15, 2013

Spring Cleaning! Check Your Blogs: Are You Linking Up? :)

To be a part of this blog directory all you need is a text link in your blogroll. That’s pretty much it. You don’t have to post a button if you don’t want to but if you do there are plenty to choose from.

You don’t have to be a blog “Mom” to have your blog listed in this directory. All that is required is a blog, your passion and a link back from your blog to this one.

If you haven’t already noticed I do A LOT of blog featuring around here. There is A LOT of blog networking going on; so, please…check your blogs. Make sure you are linking back.

It’s only fair.

Tell a blog friend about this blog directory so we can grow it! The more people that know about it the bigger it will become and the more followers you will gain. Let’s quadruple our blog following.

Why? Because it’s FUN! :)

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