December 11, 2013

What's Up Blog Land?

Let’s talk blogging, shall we? What’s up with your blogs? What are some of your favorite blog tools? What do you do when you experience writers block?

Speaking of blogs—I have a new blog I’m going to be introducing to you guys very soon. I think it’s going to be an interesting one because it will fit a “gaming” category that does not yet exist here on Blog Mommas.

Truth be told, I’m glad to be taking a break from Blog of the Week. I have literally run out of blogs to feature for that category. I’ve exhausted myself with Blog of the Week; so, it’s nice to take a bit of a break on that. I don’t know if you noticed but with each blog of the week feature I take a picture to go with the post. That’s a lot of picture taking!

Are you guys as busy as I am this holiday season? I need to get my butt in gear and take care of the rest that needs to be done around here so I can dig out my crochet at some point and maybe try to crochet something for Christmas! It’s been awhile since I’ve crocheted and I’m remembering how much I used to love it!

Don’t forget to tell your blog friends about Blog Mommas so we can get this blog directory thing back on track. I would eventually like to begin featuring blogs of the week sometime in the near future. Maybe we’ll have enough new blogs to begin again by the time 2014 rolls around.

What’s going on with you? What are you up to?

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November 25, 2013

What happened to Blog of the Week? Let’s Brainstorm Bloggers! :)

I have run out of blogs to feature for Blog of the Week. It’s been awhile since I’ve reached this point on Blog Mommas. What does this mean exactly? It means I need more bloggers joining the directory! :)

I think between now and the New Year we’ll make this a type of "open enrollment" where you have me list your blog in the directory, I save up all the new blogs that have joined, and we begin featuring Blog of the Week again starting in January! What do you think of that idea?

In the meantime we still have plenty of blogs to feature for Blog of the Month as well as Blog of the Quarter. Remember, all you do is link your blog to Blog Mommas from your blogroll. Be sure and let me know where to find the link and I’ll get your blog added to the directory. Maybe you guys can invite your blog friends to participate? :)

Also, if you know of any blog directories or networking communities that Blog Mommas can join—by all means let me know! I’d love to get Blog Mommas participating in some networking fun.

Please leave a comment and let me know where you’re at with all of this? What are some fun blog communities you participate in? Invite your blog buddies to join Blog Mommas!! Remember, we’ll start Blog of the Week back up in January. In the meantime I’ll be filling the space with posts about bloggy things that pop into my head so stay tuned for that!

October 23, 2013

Social Networking Plug-Ins?

Does anyone out there in blogland have any experience or recommendations for apps or plugins that make adding Facebook content to a blog easier? I’m also interested in any other plugins you might use for social networking that you find to be a time saver.

October 4, 2013

Who You Are: A Message To All Women

Thanks for telling me about this video, Becki!

Hat Tip: Mommas Time: And Don't You Forget It

September 11, 2013

Never Forget 9-11

Today I’ll be digging through our blog directory and featuring those blog posts that pertain to 9-11.

You can find 9-11 posts on our facebook page as well as our google+ page. I will also list them on this blog post as they are written. 

We will never forget!

Domestic Divapalooza

Momma's Time

A Slice of Smith Life

Terra's Earth

September 4, 2013

No Link, No Love, No Blog Feature!

Blog Mommas is a blog directory. In order for the blog directory to work you have to link back. If you don’t want to link back to Blog Mommas then don’t ask to be in the directory.

Check your links—the best place to list Blog Mommas is in your blogroll or somewhere in the sidebar. You know it’s really a pain in the ass to have to scroll and scroll and scroll and dig dig dig through someone’s blog unable to find the link. What is up with that? I don’t understand why you can’t put the link in an easy to find place accessible to everyone?

I’m not trying to tell you what to do with your blog but COME ON—this is a community. How are people supposed to find this blog directory if they can’t find the link on your blog? How is that fair to everyone who is pretty excited to be a part of this diverse and interesting group? When was the last time you actually looked at your blog? The least you could do is put the link in a place where people can find us—right?

I understand if you blog when you’re feeling it. That’s what I do! If I’m feeling it—I write something. If I’m not feeling it—I don’t write. That’s just how I roll. It’s fine—I get it. BUT, why on earth would you want to be a part of a community if you’re unwilling to do your part? It’s not like I’m asking you to chop off your finger. All I’m asking is for a little link back to Blog Mommas—Easy Freaking Peasy!

There are so many of you who do get it and I appreciate it so much. Everyone else who is part of this community appreciates it, too! It’s how we find each other.

Here’s the deal—I’m digging through the directory. I’m looking for a link back. If I can’t find a link or a button and it’s not all that obvious to see then I have no choice but to take your blog off the directory.

You don’t want to link to Blog Mommas then don’t ask to be part of our community. At the very least have the decency to drop me a note letting me know you’re not feeling it and to take your blog down. I don’t mind.

If you’ve changed your layout or something legit like that has happened to cause your link to Blog Mommas to disappear then let me know and we’ll get your blog added again. It’s really not a problem. I know these things happen. It’s happened to me, too. I get it.

Week after week we feature Blog of the Week, Blog of the Month, and Blog of the Quarter. I am sending the public right back to your creations. At least have the decency to link to what you asked to be a part of in the first place. That’s how this community rolls. No link, No Love, No Blog Feature!

Bloggers are Weird

Bloggers are weird.

How weird are bloggers? Bloggers are exponentially weird.

I’ve been blogging since 2003 and boy have I seen some silly things on blogs. How about you?

That’s 10 years of blogging. TEN YEARS PEOPLE!! That’s a long time!

My favorite part about blogging is networking with other bloggers. Some of the very best most exquisite people on this earth I found blogging and it tickles me to think had I not ever blogged I would not know these crazy fun-loving wonderful quirky hysterical people!

Weird is good. Weird keeps me going. Weird makes it fun.

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August 5, 2013

Say Hello to My Kids Grow and So Do I

Welcome aboard the Blog Mommas Train!!! 

This week we're adding My Kids Grow and So Do I to the Ultimate Blog Party. 

My Kids Grow and So Do I: Tools for Practical Spirituality in Daily Life with Kids 

My Kids Grow and So Do I is listed on the Moms M-Z page.

Please tell all your Blog Buddies about Blog Mommas. 

You don't have to be a Momma to list your blog. 

There are categories for everyone!!! The more the merrier!!! 

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May 23, 2013

Life After Google Reader

QUESTION: What blog reader do you use?

I decided to go with Feedly. I absolutely LOVE this application. I love it on my laptop. I love it on my Android. I love it built into my web browser. (I use Chrome)

Organizing RSS feeds is a breeze! It's easy to understand. There is also a networking tab when you hover over the article you're about to read. You then have the option to open in a tab, Tweet, post to Facebook, post to LinkedIn or post to Buffer. 

Another thing I think is pretty cool about Feedly is when you click on an individual story or article you can see how many likes there are for that specific article on Facebook and Google+. You are also provided with the option to share that article on Evernote, Instapaper, Pocket or 

Oh, it was a snap to go from Google Reader to Feedly. There was no work involved. No additional downloading or saving to do. I didn't even have to think about it. It just picked up all my feeds from Google Reader and they magically appeared on Feedly right before my eyes. 

I often wonder if Feedly is in a relationship with Google Reader. ;) 

May 22, 2013

Blog It Up on Twitter!

Take the Ultimate Blog Party to Twitter!

Look for the Blog It Up list!

If your blog is listed on Blog Mommas and you have a Twitter account, Follow Me on Twitter and then Tweet Me something about Blog Mommas.

I will follow you back and then put you on my Blog It Up Twitter List! How FUN is that!?    

Our Official Twitter Hash Tags are: #BlogMommas and #BlogsRule

May 17, 2013

The Blogs Rule Option


Let’s face it – not everyone who has a blog is a parent.

If you’re a blogger who is not a parent and you would like to be part of this blog directory you are welcome to use the Blogs Rule option!

We now have a category at the top of the page: Blogs Rule.

If you’re a visual person and you want to link to Blog Mommas using a Blogs Rule button I say – GO FOR IT!

Remember, you don’t have to include a button in your sidebar if you don’t want to. But, to be listed in the directory you must share the Blog Love by linking to Blog Mommas from your Blogroll.

You can say “Blogs Rules” and then link to Blog Mommas OR you can say “Blog Mommas” and link to Blog Mommas.

Once you are linking to – Let me know that you are! Then I will network the heck out of your blog and more people will discover you!!

Cuz that’s how I roll! :)

Don't forget we have Businesses, Dads, and Politics in addition to all the cool categories we have listed in the sidebar.

Here's where you find more bling for your blog!!

April 20, 2013

Introducing Nebraska Bloggers Connect

Welcome to Blog Mommas the Ultimate Blog Party! :)

Check it out!~~~> Nebraska Bloggers Connect <~~~Awesome!

Moms M-Z

What a great way for bloggers from Nebraska to check out one another’s blogs!!! I’m pretty excited about this one as it’s just one more fun blog directory I can connect you guys to. Well, and I’m from Nebraska so that makes it extra special for me. When you click the link to get to NebraskaBloggers Connect, see if you can figure out which blogs belong to me. I’ll give you a hint: I have four listed on their page including Blog Mommas. And hey!! If you’re a blogger I hope you will consider listing your blogs on Blog Mommas. And if you’re a blogger who wants to do a link exchange with any of my personal blogs contactme and let me know! I LOVE networking!!! Can you tell??

April 16, 2013

Nook or Kindle?

I’m trying to decide between Nook and Kindle applications. Which one do you use – why OR why not!? Thanks in advance for the feedback. I appreciate it!

April 15, 2013

Spring Cleaning! Check Your Blogs: Are You Linking Up? :)

To be a part of this blog directory all you need is a text link in your blogroll. That’s pretty much it. You don’t have to post a button if you don’t want to but if you do there are plenty to choose from.

You don’t have to be a blog “Mom” to have your blog listed in this directory. All that is required is a blog, your passion and a link back from your blog to this one.

If you haven’t already noticed I do A LOT of blog featuring around here. There is A LOT of blog networking going on; so, please…check your blogs. Make sure you are linking back.

It’s only fair.

Tell a blog friend about this blog directory so we can grow it! The more people that know about it the bigger it will become and the more followers you will gain. Let’s quadruple our blog following.

Why? Because it’s FUN! :)

April 1, 2013

Blog of the Quarter: Stretching My Faith

Congratulations to our new blog of the quarter!

Is your blog listed in our directory? :) 

What are you waiting for? :)

March 14, 2013

What blog reader do you use?

I use Google Reader to keep track of all my favorite blogs. Today when I logged into Google Reader I was surprised with a note that said: Google Reader will not be available after July 1, 2013.

Google Reader is being retired.

That's a big time bummer for me because I am subscribed to all of our Blog Mommas Blog Directory Blogs using Google Reader.

I'm not sure what this means for the Google Reader Android Application because that is what I use to read blogs and subscribe to news feeds from my smart phone.

I would be interested to know what blog reader you guys use? If you do use a blog reader is it free? Also, if you don't use a blog reader to keep track of your favorite blogs what do you use?

January 30, 2013

Happy Blogging!!

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't announced the new blog of the week. Things have been a bit crazy around here. I fully intend to announce the new blog of the week next Monday. In the meantime, be sure and tell all your blog buddies about Blog Mommas!! I would love to introduce new bloggers to the directory. Link to Blog Mommas, let me know you did, and I'll get you introduced ASAP. Happy Blogging!!

January 11, 2013

You're Gonna Miss Me! :)

I've decided to give up social networking for lent this year. Yep, you heard me and you read it right here. Let me repeat myself: I. am. giving up. social networking. for lent.

Social Networking is coming OFF my smart phone, too. If I have something to share I will do it on my BLOGS. So, if you are connected to me that way, you'll still be able to communicate with me. Same goes for my e-mail address or text messaging on my mobile.

Social Networking will be deleted from my computer's bookmarks manager as well. There will be NO SOCIAL NETWORKING for me FOR lent. Blogging - yes, Social Networking - no. :)

I'm looking forward to this Lenten Season and have thought a lot about it for quite some time. I think this sacrifice fits perfectly with what I'm trying to accomplish. Putting it in writing and declaring it will hopefully keep me accountable.

Okay, on with my day!!! I have more good stuff to post - stay tuned!!! :)

January 3, 2013