July 16, 2012

To Be Continued: Blog of the Week

Hello Blog Friends! Today is Monday and as you know...every Monday I choose a Blog right out of my Blog Box to be featured as the week's Blog of the Week. Well...this Monday, today to be exact, I dug into the box and there were no blogs on slips of paper to choose from. So...what we'll have to do is wait for more writers to list their blogs on our Blog Directory.

Remember...you don't have to be a Mom to list your blog. You can be anyone who loves to Blog and we'll do our best to make room for you. So far we have a few categories...some for Business Blogs...Mom Blogs...Dad Blogs...and even a place for writers who enjoy Blogging Politics. I suppose we could make new categories but that can't happen until we have somewhat of an interest or a request from people who'd like to make that happen.

In addition to Blog of the Week I also have a Green Blog Box and a Purple Blog Box. The Green Blog Box is for those bloggers who have already been featured as Blog of the Week. Everything I draw from the Green Blog Box is for the Blog of the Month drawing. We can still feature those spots because I have tons of Blogs waiting to be drawn for that one. The Purple Blog Box are for those bloggers who are waiting to be featured as Blog of the Quarter. You get the idea...

It's just that my Red Blog Box...well...it's empty.

So...I think we have to postpone featuring the Blog of the Week until we have more bloggers joining the directory.

Did I mention how super easy it is to list your Blog? 

All you do is link to Blog Mommas from somewhere on the front of your Blog. You can do this by adding us to your Blogroll with a simple text link OR you can post a Blog Mommas button. If you're not sure how to post a Blog Mommas button then you're better off just adding us to the blogroll to keep it simple OR if you want...you are welcome to e-mail me and I'll show you how.

BUT...please let me know that you linked to Blog Mommas from your Blog so that I can add you to the directory at the top. Once you're added to the directory I will introduce your Blog and then you'll get added to the Red Blog Box. Once we have 10 to 15 more blogs added to the directory I'll be able to start featuring blogs for Blog of the Week again. I'll be able to start it back up and we can continue all the blog featuring FUN.

In the meantime...stay tuned because we still have Blog of the Month and Blog of the Quarter features and lately I have been posting "how to" things that I've discovered on topics that I think might interest you. So we'll keep it going...and maybe some new Bloggers will find us and JOIN UP...I can't wait!

Okay...I think that's all. I'll probably talk this one up over on our Blog Mommas Facebook Page. I'm debating on whether or not I should make a Blog Mommas G+ Page. I'm just not sure if too many people would utilize that. What do you think? Oh and if you want to hit me up on Twitter you can surely find me just a Tweeting Away! My Twitter handle is @Divapalooza - until next time - OH!!! Don't forget to tell your Blog Buddies about Blog Mommas Blog Directory. I think Word of Mouth can be Kick Ass sometimes and that's how people discover what it is we're doing...YA Know!?

I wonder if we can get 10 to 15 new blogs introduced by next Monday so we can get back to featuring Blogs of the Week. Do you think it's possible?

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