June 13, 2012

Facebook Status Updates

This entire week my Facebook page has been oddly quiet. That's unusual for me because for the most part people either 'like' my stuff or they have something to say about what I'm sharing.

I really enjoy networking with others and learning what people think of the things that I post. I'm constantly learning new and interesting ways to look at stuff when people chime in and share what's on their mind. It's probably one of the biggest reasons I use Facebook in the first place.

But, not this week...Things have been oddly quiet. Almost eerily quiet. And then I noticed something that I had not noticed before...My Facebook Status Updates were acting WONKY indeed! 

My posts were set to automatically post to "FAMILY" only. No wonder people weren't chiming in! If I left it to my "FAMILY" to leave a comment or to thumb something up there would hardly ever be any input or activity. I didn't set it like that at all. How did this happen? I have no idea! 

So...I went back through all the posts and pictures that were set to "FAMILY" only and changed it back to "FRIENDS"...you can do this even after you have posted something. I had to go back through all the stuff I posted since Monday and change them all up to "FRIENDS" and not "FAMILY." 

To be honest...I'm not sure if I hit the wrong button somewhere along the way...if it was my mobile application for my Android phone OR Facebook being Wonky. Maybe it was both!?

Because something like this can affect how I network with my Facebook Friends I thought I had better hop on here and share this dilemma with you guys so you can check to make sure your stuff is being posted exactly how you want it. 

Please let me know if this was helpful or not, okay? 


  1. I had the same thing happen to me not too long ago. I just couldn't understand why people weren't at least giving me a "like" and then I noticed it had been changed. Like you, I'm not sure if I clicked something or what. But I was happy to fix it :-)

  2. I have been enjoying my facebook hiatus! I don't even miss it. It's been nice. :]


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