June 13, 2012

Facebook Contact Info

I suppose it's probably a good idea to go through my Facebook settings ever now and then. It seems like Facebook likes to surprise me with a setting I don't recall choosing for myself.

Take for example my default e-mail address under my Facebook Contact Info. Facebook had mine set to the Facebook.com e-mail address by default. That's not what I want my default e-mail address to be. My default e-mail address should be a Gmail.com e-mail address, not the Facebook.com option.

To check this for yourself go to your "About" and look for "Contact Info." It's underneath "Basic Info" on the right hand side of the page. You will want to choose "Edit" if you feel you need to make a change.

On my Facebook account I share my City/State, Website, and E-mail address with all of my Friends meaning that you have to be my Friend on Facebook in order to see this stuff.

What do you think? Did Facebook change your default option from what you use to Facebook.com or do you use the Facebook.com option as your e-mail address?

I'd love to hear from people who use the Facebook.com option as their e-mail address. Do you like it? Why or Why not?

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