June 30, 2012

Deactivated Accounts On Facebook

I have always wondered who on my facebook friend list has deactivated their facebook account and how do I remove these deactivated accounts that are taking up space. Have you ever wondered about that? Well I'm a facebook nut and I'm always trying to figure out ways to enhance my facebook experience.

Here's what I've discovered

Bring up your Facebook Friends > Find the search bar > Type in the letter "a" > scroll through the results > if you find an account without a photo either the person hasn't placed a photo on their account and it's still active OR the account has been deactivated > click on their name and follow the prompts > repeat your search going through the alphabet "b" "c" "d" until you get through the alphabet. You can also do a search using "aa" "bb" "cc" to bring up the results quickly.

Another way to check for deactivated facebook accounts is to just scroll through your entire friend list. If you find an account with no pictures and are unable to hover over their name then that means their account has been deactivated. Click their name and follow the prompts. You may have to go through and re-scroll your friend list because it will revert back to the beginning each time you remove an inactive account.

I am finding a lot on my Facebook page and it feels good to be cleaning everything up. It also might be why there are "blank" spaces when you are looking to see what mutual friends you have in common with someone.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. If you have a tip you'd like to share send it to me and I will be happy to post it! If you're a blogger listed in the directory I can give you props for sharing the tip by linking to your blog. Happy Facebooking!

Updated Facebook Tip

In the process of removing inactive accounts from my facebook friends list I got to thinking about ways to make things easier so that you don't have to keep starting over on your search. Keep two windows open and as you find an inactive account pop on over to the second window and remove over there when you search out the name. But don't refresh your screen when you go back to the first window or you'll have to start your scroll all over again. Hope this is making sense to you.

If you have 800+ friends on facebook these shortcuts can be helpful and may save you some time. Unless of course you're like my husband and could care less who is active or inactive on facebook. I'm one of those geeks that likes to know how things work I guess.

June 26, 2012

Facebook's Location Tracking

I stumbled on this news article today about Facebook: 

What do you think of the idea of knowing which Facebook users are nearby? Could this be useful for finding new friends and looking up new contacts? Or does it cross a line in terms of privacy?  

I really don't care to know which Facebook users are nearby. I don't make new contacts or friends as a result of facebook. I add new contacts or friends as a result of living my life.

Facebook Check-In accomplishes what is necessary in terms of sharing with my friends. I really don't care to share that information with people I don't know and would prefer it if Facebook would leave those options with each individual user. 

As I was thinking about this potential "Location Tracking" option I immediately began to consider the fact that I may have to log out of facebook on my mobile device all together if they decide to move forward with this new "idea." 

I currently use Facebook Check-In because I have control over who sees my check-ins. My husband and I have had some pretty cool experiences as a result of checking-in to places. If I don't want people to know where I'm at I don't check in. 

My facebook page is not open to the public and I'd kinda like to keep it that way...ya know? What do you think? 

June 13, 2012

Facebook Status Updates

This entire week my Facebook page has been oddly quiet. That's unusual for me because for the most part people either 'like' my stuff or they have something to say about what I'm sharing.

I really enjoy networking with others and learning what people think of the things that I post. I'm constantly learning new and interesting ways to look at stuff when people chime in and share what's on their mind. It's probably one of the biggest reasons I use Facebook in the first place.

But, not this week...Things have been oddly quiet. Almost eerily quiet. And then I noticed something that I had not noticed before...My Facebook Status Updates were acting WONKY indeed! 

My posts were set to automatically post to "FAMILY" only. No wonder people weren't chiming in! If I left it to my "FAMILY" to leave a comment or to thumb something up there would hardly ever be any input or activity. I didn't set it like that at all. How did this happen? I have no idea! 

So...I went back through all the posts and pictures that were set to "FAMILY" only and changed it back to "FRIENDS"...you can do this even after you have posted something. I had to go back through all the stuff I posted since Monday and change them all up to "FRIENDS" and not "FAMILY." 

To be honest...I'm not sure if I hit the wrong button somewhere along the way...if it was my mobile application for my Android phone OR Facebook being Wonky. Maybe it was both!?

Because something like this can affect how I network with my Facebook Friends I thought I had better hop on here and share this dilemma with you guys so you can check to make sure your stuff is being posted exactly how you want it. 

Please let me know if this was helpful or not, okay? 

Facebook Contact Info

I suppose it's probably a good idea to go through my Facebook settings ever now and then. It seems like Facebook likes to surprise me with a setting I don't recall choosing for myself.

Take for example my default e-mail address under my Facebook Contact Info. Facebook had mine set to the Facebook.com e-mail address by default. That's not what I want my default e-mail address to be. My default e-mail address should be a Gmail.com e-mail address, not the Facebook.com option.

To check this for yourself go to your "About" and look for "Contact Info." It's underneath "Basic Info" on the right hand side of the page. You will want to choose "Edit" if you feel you need to make a change.

On my Facebook account I share my City/State, Website, and E-mail address with all of my Friends meaning that you have to be my Friend on Facebook in order to see this stuff.

What do you think? Did Facebook change your default option from what you use to Facebook.com or do you use the Facebook.com option as your e-mail address?

I'd love to hear from people who use the Facebook.com option as their e-mail address. Do you like it? Why or Why not?

June 12, 2012

Hello Terra's Earth

Welcome to Blog Mommas!!! 

I began actively blogging about six months ago. And so far, this has been a fun exercise. Did you know Terra means "Earth" in latin? Terra's Earth: revolving Daily. A little blog about my world...adventures in motherhood mixed with some sarcasm, reality, laughter, and sometimes even a random saline leak (or two). Featuring an occasional recipe, link, reflection, and once in a while, an "epiphany" that can only come from spending a few decades on this earth. Glad to have you here! Come join me in the daily spin.

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