March 7, 2012

Want to be included in the directory?

Many bloggers leave comments requesting me to include them in our blog directory. Some say they are unable to figure out how to let me know.

The very best way to let me know you are interested would be to send me an e-mail. Before you send me an e-mail make sure you are linking to Blog Mommas. Make it easily accessible for me so I can find it quickly.

See that spot up there at the top of the blog that says: Contact?? That’s where you’ll find my e-mail address. That’s how you let me know you’re interested. When you e-mail me don’t forget to share the name of your blog and a URL to your blog.

Tell all of your blog buddies about Blog Mommas so we can grow this blog project. You don’t have to be a woman or a mom to participate. I will create new categories as we grow.

March 5, 2012