January 5, 2012

Guess What Bloggers?

I am back! We are back! It’s a NEW Year and with that means there will be many more blogs being added to the directory.

My goal this year is to keep Blog of the Week, Blog of the Month, and Blog of the Quarter going. I have my planner ready so if you want your blog listed in the directory be sure and let me know by e-mail or some other form of social networking. Blog Mommas is on Facebook so I really don’t mind you letting me know that you’re interested over there either.

The fastest way to get listed in the directory is to 1) let me know...2) LINK us (Blog Mommas) somewhere on your main page. I realize that many of you might have your list of links on a different page and that’s fine but if I can’t find that list then it might take a little longer than normal to get things figured out. Please be patient...3) A text link to "Blog Directory" or "Blog Mommas" is fine with me. You don’t have to post a button if you don’t want to but you do have to link in order to get listed...4) Tell your blog buddies! Word of Mouth is pretty important if people are going to find the directory.

I just think it’s fun to meet new bloggers and find new blogs. I intend to keep it going and if I don’t think I will be here to do our weekly drawing then I will either draw from the blog box ahead of time OR take you guys with me!

What are you waiting for?

Tell a blog buddy about Blog Mommas and let the blog featuring FUN begin!

HAPPY 2012!!!


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