March 30, 2011

Facebook Places

Places I check in to - Do you use this? If so, how do you work it and why? What are your preferred settings for this and why? Thanks in advance for your input.

March 21, 2011

It's Spring Break

Our regular Blog of the Week programming will continue next week when I return from Spring Break. I will draw the next Blog of the Week winner right out of the Blog Box! In the meantime let’s get some more blogs added to the Blog Directory. The more the merrier! Happy Spring Break!

March 7, 2011

Proverbs 10: 29-30

The way of the Lord is a stronghold to those with integrity, but it destroys the wicked. The godly will never be disturbed, but the wicked will be removed from the land.

March 6, 2011

Proverbs 10: 27-28

Fear of the Lord lengthens one’s life, but the years of the wicked are cut short. The hopes of the godly result in happiness, but the expectations of the wicked come to nothing.

March 5, 2011

Proverbs 10: 26

Lazy people irritate their employers, like vinegar to the teeth or smoke in the eyes.

March 4, 2011

Proverbs 10: 24-25

The fears of the wicked will be fulfilled; the hopes of the godly will be granted. When the storms of life come, the wicked are whirled away, but the godly have a lasting foundation.

March 3, 2011

Proverbs 10: 23

Doing wrong is fun for a fool, but living wisely brings pleasure to the sensible.

March 1, 2011

Proverbs 10: 20-21

The words of the godly are like sterling silver; the heart of a fool is worthless. The words of the godly encourage many, but fools are destroyed by their lack of common sense.