November 8, 2010

Proverbs 27: 10

Never abandon a friend-either yours or your father's. When disaster strikes, you won't have to ask your brother for assistance. It's better to go to a neighbor than to a brother who lives far away.


  1. We've seen that to be true in our own lives. =) I love the new look! :0) Yay for Blog Mommas!!!

  2. Awe…I’m so glad you like how the place looks! I am so happy with what blogger has done with blogspot blogs that I just could not resist and who can complain about free hosting? In this economy FREE is a good thing.

    Isn’t it interesting how this verse talks about our friends and the friends of our parents? What does that tell you about really good friends!? Sometimes I am loved more by my friends that my own family. What does THAT tell you?

    Now if I could only figure out why Google Friend Connect didn’t bring all the followers and friends over in the side bar to the right. Any ideas?


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